Scars of the Past

“Though we try to make right what wrong we have done or we try to become better, sometimes it still doesn’t change the fact that we hurt people and they might never completely heal from it, neither might they forget.”

Scars of the past

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Recently, I was on twitter and I came across an account. Apparently, it was the account of a school mate, back in junior secondary school. I was in Jss3 and he was in Jss2. From his tweets, I realized he is now a pastor and I was amazed.

Out of excitement, I took a screenshot of his picture and sent it to my sibling’s WhatsApp group. I asked if any of them remembered him (we were all in the same junior secondary school). My immediate younger brother replied “the bully”. I was like “He’s a pastor” and he said he was aware. We talked about him but my brother kept referring to him as a bully in the present tense. I corrected him and said he was a bully, he’s no more.

My brother then narrated what he did to him in school (my brother was in Jss1 then) and I felt bad for him. He added “if he has changed, then it’s a good thing but I will still not like him, he’s a bully”.

This got me thinking. This guy is now a pastor and knows better. Also, God has forgiven him for all he’s done, the guy too might have made peace and amends with his past but it didn’t stop my brother from thinking about him as a bully.

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He is no more a bully but it didn’t take away the fact that he hurt my brother and my brother is always going to remember that. The guy is doing well I guess, preaching the gospel and may or may not realize that he once hurt someone and the person might just never forget though they might forgive him.

So what’s the point of all these you ask?

I’m not saying people can’t change, I’m also not saying they are irredeemable. I’m simply saying that although they are better people now, they left negative marks in people’s lives that people have to deal with.

So are you saying they should suffer or kill themselves?

No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m simply saying as we ask God to help us to be better, as we become better people, we should ask God to help heal those our wrong choices hurt. You might be better off, but some of the people hurt might just carry this with them.

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Finally, I realize everyone goes through something, no one has it exactly easy in one thing or the other but I want us to know that whatever it is we might or might not be going through, we shouldn’t use it as an excuse to do wrong. You might recover, you might be better, but what about the people you hurt? What about the people your wrong choices affected?

Let’s think about it.


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What are your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Scars of the Past

  1. Nice one and truthful observation! May I as a child of God and Counselor, not holding brief for the offender; we the offended should really learn to deal with it and let go…true, not necessarily that we may forget, but that we don’t dwell on it in our hearts and churn emotions at the thought of the offense or offender. It’s only possible by the power of the Holy Spirit; and from experience its not an easy process, but possible!!!

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