Thinking Out Loud

​So, today, I was asked by someone to refer a post on my blog to him that he probably could connect to. The thing is I couldn’t. Yes I had posts but I just couldn’t point out one I felt would be so helpful at that moment. Then I just started thinking. What have I been blogging about? What is my blog about? Why did I start blogging? What’s my aim of blogging? I realized I wasn’t satisfied with what it is now and I have decided to do something about it.

So why did I start blogging?
I wanted a platform to air my views and inspire people with my thoughts, experiences, and so on. Since my ex-roommate-turned-sister in school has a blog and my sister too has one, I decided to blog too. So I started the blog late July 2017. I knew what contents I wanted to bring in but right now, looking back on what I have blogged on, I realized I had not delivered the way I imagined I would have.
What is my blog about and what is the aim of blogging??
So I’d usually read on people’s blog where they talk about blog niche and whenever I come across it I’m like “what exactly is mine?” By the way, if you can help me with that, please do. Well I want my blog to be about my thoughts on things, God and of course, inspirational. My vision for it is for people to visit and relate to what I write, feel inspired and feel closer to God. How have I done so far? Well, I’m not particularly impressed.
Sometimes, I have things to put out but I’m like, nah, it’s not something worth posting, or people might not really understand and so on. One thing I know though is I’ll deliver better and my vision for my blog will definitely come true.
PS: I debated in my heart whether to post this or not and I finally went with posting it. It’ll be like a blog rebirth lol and a thinking out loud kind of post, plus it’s to make me accountable.

9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. “Sometimes, I have things to put out but I’m like, nah, it’s not something worth posting, or people might not really understand and so on. One thing I know though is I’ll deliver better and my vision for my blog will definitely come true.”
    I be feeling the same. I too be hesitant about posting stuff on here.
    What I noticed is the blogs that you are hesistsnt to post, usually are the best blogs.
    To be successful in anything you do is to learning how to make the uncomfortable comfortable
    ☺ and I wish you blogging will open up opportunities for you in the future

  2. I really enjoy your posts that’s why I started following you. We all have our own niche like you say. I write posts on a whole range of social and environmental issues as you know, because you also follow me. There are times when I ask myself if my topics are too broad but I try to put that doubt aside because the topics I write about reflect who I am. I believe that is what blogging is all about. What I love about your posts is they reflect honesty and personal reflection. Quite often the best post as the previous comment states are the ones you are hesitant to post. I have also found this in my own writing when I write about something personal and put it out there, that is because it exposes our inner feelings and vulnerability. Glad to see you had the courage to put this post out there. Keep up the good work

  3. I think we all go through that debate of whether we should post or not. I’ve recently told myself that I’ll share what’s on my heart as often as I can and after a while, I’ll figure out what’s my niche from the stuff I mostly put up. I hope to succeed. If you are thinking of going about your blog with your heart opened up in your words, I’m sure you’ll succeed. All the best!

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