#ThinkingOutLoud – honesty and being direct

I really wish people can be direct when saying things or communicating their intentions or whatever it is they’d like someone to really know. Like, can people be honest and direct enough?

We somehow live in a world where you really can’t be plain about certain things and issues because you don’t know how the other person would receive it and so we beat around the bush or drag it hoping that one day the person would just know or worse we simply ignore. Sometimes it’s just society that somehow enforces the way we should relate to people (sad).

People really want to know the truth but it hurts sometimes and that’s what they don’t want. They don’t want to feel the sting of the truth but the truth is good because you deal with it at the moment as compared to dealing with it later because whether we like it or not, the truth about certain things we avoid or prolong or completely ignore will present itself in our faces and guess what? It’ll hurt even more and it’ll add embarrassment to the package.

People sometimes ask, do you really want to live in a honest world? A world that is direct about things? Well, my answer is always yes and then they go on about how we like that answer but can’t handle it. Well I guess that’s the truth but think about it, wouldn’t it save us some pain, resources and energies/effort?

I know it’s not possible in this life because we tend to complicate things and try not to hurt people or perhaps we’re just selfish. Well, we would never really know right? Sometimes our behaviours are so subconscious until they are noticed. That’s where self awareness comes in.

I know some people can’t take the truth or an honest opinion (most of us actually can’t) and that’s true and fine too. I mean, it’s the truth right? It’s not a compliment so of course it’ll hurt and I think what people don’t allow is the reaction that happens when a truth is presented. If you tell me a hard truth about myself, of course I won’t be happy, I’m not going to be all smiling, it hurt but I’m going to come around because telling me that would make me better and that’s good for me. So allow people to react although I know some people really really really can’t handle the truth. I have nothing to say about that though but people can learn to be more emotionally intelligent.

However when you point out the truth or we give criticism regarding something, you should do so from a place of love and not to spite or try to feel good about yourself that you pointed out something about someone (like do you get?).

Sometimes people really sense it when were just spiteful or doing it to feel good about yourself for bringing someone down. What’s amazing is sometimes we don’t even realize it until we do (this is where we need to be self aware, where the Holy Spirit comes in) and we’d say we’re just stating the truth to help them. Really? Look into your heart and be sure, sometimes you know.

If you can, present your words considerately, I mean be considerate. However, there are some truths that really can’t be beautified per se but they can still come from a place of love.


Shout-out to my friend Tolu. She pushed me to share this here even though I didn’t think it was coordinated enough but yeah, it’s here.

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