ViewPoint: Success – What’s your Idea of Success?

ViewPoint: Success - What's your Idea of Success?

Hi everyone and welcome to another series of ViewPoint.

For those new to Viewpoint, ViewPoint brings together the opinions or “viewpoints” of people on subject matters. Basically I would ask some people their thoughts on a particular issue or matter and compile them for you all to see. The aim of this is to realize how people think and to appreciate the diversity of thoughts. Viewpoint is a monthly post and it is usually posted every first Monday of the month.

This particular month’s own is the third. The first and second can be seen below

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“Success” is this month’s topic and the question goes like this “What’s your idea of success?”

Success, Quirks and Pearls, ViewPoint: Success - What's your Idea of Success?,

The term success does not have an absolute definition.  I believe it has different meanings for everyone.

I asked ten people, 5 males and 5 females (they remain anonymous), and this is what they all had to say.

Anonymous 1

“Success is basically impacting other people and not just impacting people but in a good way and make their lives better, like the change you bring to their lives, where they will be able to do things and to also impact other people’s lives too. Not just impact them and they will hold it for themselves, let it go within generation to generation.”

Anonymous 2

“Success is all in the mind. I see success to be how one defines his goals and his ability to meet them. So when I think of success I think of me. Where was I? Where am I? Where am I going? But all my thoughts are centered on this question “is God pleased with what I do in my quest for success?”

Success is not money, success is personal expectations met. My vision defines my success.”

Anonymous 3

“Success is failure which has been learnt from.”

Anonymous 4

“Success is objective. What I mean is, it means different things to different people. To some, success might be bagging a PhD, to another, it might be settling down and having a beautiful home and family to take care of, yet to another, success might mean travelling the whole world and meeting all different kinds of people, seeing everywhere important and historic. Success to a different sect may mean becoming a star, a renowned actress, dancer, singer or fashion designer.

In conclusion, success happens when a man’s deepest desire is fulfilled, irrespective of the status quo or the expectations of others from him.”

Anonymous 5

“Well, I perceive success as the highlight of a human accomplishment. It is that time or point when you need not to strive, to progress or reach your set goal.”

Anonymous 6

“Success is when you have worked hard and done your very best and all that hard work is paying.”

Anonymous 7

“Success is all about determination. Be innovative, plan and make the right move.”

Anonymous 8

“It’s somewhat difficult to answer this… I believe success has a different meaning at every stage of our life. For instance, right now, success might mean achieving your dreams and goals. After achieving them, you don’t stop there. You continue to set goals for yourself in life and at every stage, you might be successful or not. It’s basically the accomplishments of your goals and purpose in life.”

Anonymous 9

“For me, success means achieving asset objectives and creating a positive influence in one’s life and in the lives of others.”

Anonymous 10

“To me, to be successful is to have achievements. achievements in the sense that goals are set and they are accomplished irrespective of the amounts of setbacks or failures. Goals I mean aren’t just career goals but include physical, spiritual and emotional goal. Whenever I accomplish something I set for myself, there’s this overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness, and to me, I’m successful. And I never forget those accomplishments.

So what is success to me? Success is knowing my needs and wants and working to ensure they are met. From my successful achievements, my happiness just flows in. that is just success to me.”

So there you have it.

What are your thoughts on the subject matter? What is your idea of success?

Join the discussion!

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11 thoughts on “ViewPoint: Success – What’s your Idea of Success?

  1. This is very great. I love the idea of getting to know that just one subject could be defined in several ways. Such a great blog you’ve got here!

  2. This was very interesting!! Success is so objective. A lot of people equate success with financial or career success. Success to me is simply living a valuable life. Making some difference in this world, adding more positivity and brightness. Raising children to be respectful, helpful and productive citizens. I loved reading everyone’s different ideas.

  3. My idea of success is not only doing something that you enjoy, but doing it with a grateful heart. We live in a time where success is determined by money or status and while those things are good; they can quickly take hold of us.

    My idea of success stems from doing God’s Will above our own. We have to see that despite our best intentions and trying to get success right within ourselves; we should start to reach out to others and make an impact on their lives that will start a chain reaction.

  4. Interesting topic and great responses as always. For me success is the positive outcome of a person’s life endeavors. Success is living a life that outlives you positively.

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