YOLO – You Only Live Once

YOLO, You only live once, decisions


“It’s my life”

“Just do it, live in the moment”

“Do you!”

These are statements we make that in fact are not harmful. They sometimes help you become brave when you have thoughts about what people might think of you and so on. However, some people use YOLO as an excuse to live carelessly and recklessly. They make decisions that are selfish and unwise. When someone tries to chip in that they don’t think it’s right to do this, do that, they immediately say, is it your life? Which one concerns you? Well it’s your life but you won’t bear the consequences of whatever decisions you make alone, whether good or bad.

According to agileleanlife.com, decisions can be divided into four:

  • Good decisions – smart, healthy, positive ones
  • Bad decisions – stupid, unhealthy, negative ones
  • Big decisions – rare decisions that have a big impact on your life
  • Small decisions – daily or very frequent decisions that have a small impact, but accumulate over time (aka habits)

Before you take a decision (particularly a big major decision), thinking it’s your life, YOLO, I have a few points that I think is worth considering.

It’s your life but the truth is your life affects people in one way or the other. You are not an island void of any relationship whatsoever. Since you affect people in one way or the other, you can make choices that directly or indirectly affect them and it might not be physically but emotionally too. Examples of people affected by your decisions are your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your kids, your friends and others I probably didn’t mention. In other words, it’s your life but you affect people with your life, so you can’t afford to take selfish and careless decisions.

YOLO, You only live once, Decisions, Quirks and Pearls

Secondly, your careless, selfish decisions could cause another to suffer. It’s very logical that the one who makes wrong decisions suffer the consequences but that’s not the case in life. It’s true that most times, they are the ones having the most impact of their decisions (I put most times because there are times that people’s wrong decisions affect others rather than themselves), but others are definitely feeling the impact somehow.

A classic example is the family. If any of the parent takes a wrong decision or a careless one, it can affect the whole family. Imagine a home where the man is the one that brings the major income and he gets himself involved in dirty business at work. If He gets fired or perhaps arrested, it will affect his wife and kids, especially if the wife doesn’t have a job. So you see, your decisions can cause a good or a bad impact that doesn’t just affect you but your loved ones too.

YOLO, You only live once, Decisions, Quirks and Pearls

Finally, your careless decisions can ruin you. If you don’t consider others, at least consider yourself. In the long run, how is this decision going to affect me? Will I regret making this decision? Even when you are ruined or perhaps dead, it’ll still affect someone somewhere, somehow. It’s not just about you, your life and your decisions. There are people involved too.

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In conclusion, it’s your life,I know,  you have got to enjoy it, after all YOLO, I’m aware but you should also realize that your decisions affects someone in one way or the other. Your decisions should not be selfish or careless and should be properly thought of.

You can always trust God to help you make the right decisions. When we are presented with choices, we should use the word of God (the bible) to judge such choices. If you feel God isn’t telling you anything, present the choices before God and trust that His will be done because He will cause us to go His way as long as we let Him take over.

Allow God to take the wheel in your life. Jesus loves you so much, never think otherwise. Involve Him in your decisions.

What do you think about YOLO? Any contributions or objections? Please feel free to indicate those in the comment box below.

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6 thoughts on “YOLO – You Only Live Once

  1. Great post Nakas! We are quick to use the word YOLO whereas we fail to make good decisions that support the word. If it’s truly YOLO then, we should be mindful of how we live.
    Overrall, I think our decisions, regardless of how we make it ‘ll affect people negatively and positively. I mean some persons will get hurt while others will benefit. We can only try to evaluate and ask God for help in making them.

    1. You know, that’s true. If it’s actually YOLO, then we should be mindful of how we live. Our decisions really does have an effect on people and we just got to ask God to help us. Thank you for the comment.

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