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The Royal Deviant blog is a blog owned my Odinakachukwu Ndukwe. I started this blog to express my thoughts and views about life. With time, I started writing about my faith and human behaviour – why people do what they do.

The reason or ‘Why’ of this blog is ‘Understanding yourself and others better’ You need to know yourself well and others well to relate better right?.  So, I learn & share what I know about life, God and behaviour, we learn from each other through your thoughts and contributions and we grow.

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ViewPoint: In this category, you will find the various viewpoint posts published. ViewPoint is a monthly series where I seek a number of people’s opinions concerning certain issues, compile them and publish.

Faith: Here, I simply talk about my Christian faith.

Behaviour: In this category, you will see posts related to how humans behave and some mental health issues also.

My thoughts: This is more of my own tiny space. In this category, you get see what I think about certain things; some are real, some are just rants and some I really hope makes sense haha.


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  • Day 67 – Self doubt
    I’m learning more and more to see myself the way God sees me. Sometimes when something big happens, I have doubts, insecurities creep in and that’s all I begin to…
  • Day 66
    There’s always a process when doing something great. In due time, it’ll all make sense.
  • Day 65 – Be kind to people you don’t like
    I’m learning to show people I don’t like kindness. Jesus said to love our enemies and it’s hard. Today, I tried something new and I saw positive results. When you…
  • Day 64 – You don’t have to react
    I’m learning to not react to everything around me. I realize that some people take joy in your reactions and so they make things happen for you to react. It’s…
  • Day 63 – Risks
    I’m learning that one should get used to taking risks because most of the things in this life have a form of risk taking. Not everything is sure. When I…