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Cheap flights to New York, Layovers

Travelling can be a hassle when things don’t go as scheduled. While I was a student of University of Cape Coast, Ghana, I traveled a lot as I reside in Abuja, Nigeria. Usually, I’d take connecting flights from Accra to Abuja (i.e. Accra to Lagos and then to Abuja). I wish I took straight flights to Abuja but those flights


The psychology of human appearance and fashion has been a topic of interest to me. As well as the effects of appearance to women.

As a fashion enthusiast and designer, I am led to indulge in researches on the fashion industry of Nigeria and beyond. A lot of Nigerians are of the opinion that fashion is frivolous. However we all know that appearances matter.
Why do appearances matter?
Why does it seem to matter more to the women than the men?
Is it society, psyche or nature?

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Human Relationship

Human Relationship Psychology

Passive aggressive behavior

Have you met someone that made you feel like you did something wrong, yet they say nothing is wrong? You doubt that because you see certain subtle changes in their character such as ignoring you,

Human Relationship Psychology

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Last week I did a post Starting Afresh: Rebranding? I talked about how I wanted to rebrand. I wanted to change my niche from faith to Human behavior/psychology. Throughout the week, I thought hard about this and I have finally decided to rebrand.

My blog would still remain The Royal Deviant Blog but my contents and maybe theme and layout would change. I would be putting up contents related to human behavior such as mental health, why people behave the way they do, behavioral patterns in certain people and so on.