Church was awesome today and I loved every bit of it. One thing I took away that I think is worth sharing is that, in the revelation of who God is, we discover who we truly are; our identity.

Anyway, that’s not all I want to say in today’s entry. In fact, I had things to share but for some reason, I can’t remember most of them (I should be writing these things down sha).

Do you ever feel the rush of emotions (whatever emotions) and you feel like you’re not sure you can manage this and sometimes you want a release?

Well, I can relate as well. I realize it’s deep during that period when you’re feeling it so, those feelings and emotions are validated and true.

Remember the last time you felt that way. How do you feel concerning that thing that made you feel that way? Do you still feel those emotions (both negative and positive)?

Yes you probably do but not as intense or no you don’t. It’s quite interesting to know that at a point in your life, something was intense within you and after some time, it’s not as intense or you don’t even feel that emotion anymore.

Isn’t it interesting? I’m just thinking out loud.

What then should one do during those intense emotions (both negative or positive)? I’m not sure I have an answer. Maybe if we can think to how all that emotions will be in the future, it could help. But hey, even I know that’s not as easy to do when you’re experiencing certain emotions.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. We can only trust God to help us with what we’re feeling. Still gonna feel it and it’s still going to be hard but yeah, the whole thing is just interesting and I was thinking of it.

Hope you had a good day today.

Remember, be a light in your space 💫

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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