I hope you had a good Sunday today. Mine was relaxed and I pretty much liked it.

Today, I have nothing much, only that I realize people hardly take responsibility for their wrong actions.

When it’s a good result, people love to take the responsibility, however, when the result is a bad one, or one with consequences, whether little or small, people will push the blame.

Why though?

I think humans are like that. We look for someone or something to blame when things don’t go well. Sometimes we fail to see how we played a role in the bad outcome.

If we can’t take responsibility for the wrong that are not so great, how do we get better?

I’m guilty as well, so while you might feel attacked, we’re together.

Anyway, tomorrow and next is a public holiday in Nigeria and people who work the traditional way will be glad, I’m glad for you too, please rest, relax, sleep.

Remember, be a light in your space💫

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