I’ve been working on something recently and I’ll admit that sometimes I’m just stuck on how to write some of the pages and things I need to write.

Today I had to work on it but just like other days, I stared at my laptop and was just blank. I was thinking of ways to communicate the idea I wanted and to write it in a clear way but it just wasn’t there. Normally, I’d move to another thing but I decided to write anything all in the name of putting down something.

As I was writing, I wanted to get a few points from something I had written about a week earlier or so. I opened the note on my phone and guess what?

The idea I wanted to communicate and how to write what I wanted to write was all in that same note. It wasn’t a finished product but it did have a huge chunk of what I needed to continue and I was just so relieved and thankful and wondering how I had these but forgot.

It hit me that the day I wrote all that, my head was on fire with ideas. I was inspired and it all just came rushing in. I remember that day, I was telling my sister that everything is too much for my head to conceive 😂

Usually, when I’m thinking of ideas and things come to me, it feels like my head wants to burst because I can’t really communicate what’s in my head to paper, but I at least try. These are times of inspiration and I can’t exactly tell you how the inspiration comes, but it does.

Interestingly, after that time, I haven’t been able to think of something to write regarding that project and I even forgot I had written things down. Thankfully, I stumbled on that note and found what I needed to start.

Here’s why I shared all that – whenever the burst of inspiration comes, take advantage of it. Write things down, work with that energy, even if it means staying awake all night, because I can tell you that when you’re not in that zone, it can be difficult to come up with ideas, especially as a creative.

In life, you can’t work based on inspiration alone because nothing would really be done. However, you can take advantage of those moments of inspiration to get a lot of work done or to save ideas for when you feel less inspired to do some work or when you run out of creative ideas.

Remember, be a light in your space 💫

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