I was asked to send my CV and portfolio today. I haven’t submitted my CV in a long time and so I had to update it. The last time I updated my CV was probably in April or so but I didn’t have that copy because my laptop got formatted and I lost all my files and documents. I should have backed up but I kept pushing it until it all happened. Anyway, that’s gone and I learned a lesson.

To get a copy of my CV, I had to check my email for when I sent out CVs, because I wasn’t ready to start crafting another CV. I can update it but writing another one seemed like so much stress and is time consuming. In my Gmail sent folder, I found the latest copy in an email I sent on November 11th 2021 (exactly a year ago) and I downloaded it to update.

As I began to update my work experiences, I was just so grateful to God. It was evidently clear that I made progress between November last year and November this year. When I finished updating my CV, it looked like the CV I was hoping for a year ago and I can’t explain the joy and gratitude I felt in my heart to God.

Last year October 31st, I quit my job as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I wanted to pursue content writing and content marketing full-time. I remember applying to every and anywhere for a content writer role because I needed actual work experience and I also needed the money. At that point, any money coming in would have been good for me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good response from my job applications and the ones that got back to me had one thing or the other with it that made me not take the offer.

I wished to apply as a content marketer to companies but I just didn’t have concrete work experience. Tbh, I truly didn’t have evidential work experience but I studied a lot. I consume information and learn a lot, especially things that interest me and although I had a good knowledge of content marketing, I just didn’t have practical knowledge and companies needed to see that in CVs. I also didn’t get internship roles.

Looking back, I’m grateful for how it all turned out. I will be a fool to not acknowledge that all that has happened between last year November and now, and all that I am today is as a result of God’s mercy, favour and hand upon my life. I couldn’t have taken credit for anything. I am not where I want to be, but I can assure you that this time last year, I wouldn’t have imagined that in a year, I’ll have the kind of exposure, work experience and skills I currently have today. So I’m grateful and it took me updating my CV to see that what my CV currently looks like is what I wanted last year.

I can’t wait to see what a year from now will look like for me. I also want to encourage anyone wondering or struggling that it gets better and God is faithful. Also, preparation meets opportunities well.

I was talking with a friend a few months ago about how God has been helping me with work and how it all started and how God showed me favour and opened certain doors. She said all these things also happened because somehow, I prepared. She said all those courses I was taking, all the articles I was writing on my blog, all the videos, books, and everything I consumed, prepared me to take advantage of the opportunities God brought my way. It never occurred to me then, but it made sense to me when she said it and I’ll be honest with you that it’s God that helped me get prepared. I did what I did, but God empowered and strengthened me to keep on going. I can tell you that all those preparations weren’t easy or fun to do but they helped me cease opportunities and I’m thankful for that.

I hope this post inspires you. Anything can happen within one year, trust God and follow His leading.

Remember, be a light in your space 💫

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