There are sacrifices people have made for me; little or big, that I might never know about.

Something happened lately where I made a sacrifice for someone but I’m sure the person has no idea or doesn’t see what I did as a big deal, but truth is, it was inconvenient, uncomfortable, something I just wouldn’t do on a normal, took a lot from me, but I did so. It was a sacrifice.

You know what’s painful sometimes is when you make sacrifices for people and they insult or hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. I’m not even talking about them not appreciating you, because sometimes they really don’t know and also sometimes that’s not what you’re looking for, but you see that one where they hurt you or insult you or make little your effort, especially when it took a lot, now that’s painful. I can imagine how Jesus feels sometimes.

As I thought about me, I also thought about others too that have made sacrifices for me; big or small, that I might never get to know about. Perhaps, I also hurt them, insulted them or made very little the effort that took a lot from them.

Truly, you don’t know the sacrifices people make for you and even when you do, I think it’s just bad behavior to say “but I didn’t send you”.

In life, especially for people we love and care about, we will make sacrifices; big or small and many of them will never be known or appreciated.

Isn’t life interesting?

As usual, be a light in your space 💫

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