I was chatting with a friend and I mentioned what I don’t like about meetings, after she said she just came out of a long meeting. Then she was like ‘you should blog on this’, and I was like ‘That’s a good idea. I’ll do that for today’.

I’m not a fan of online meetings and I know when you work remotely, it’s not something you can avoid. Sometimes you can have 3, 4 meetings in a day, and I really don’t like that.


Meetings eat into productivity and time, and what makes me not like them that much is that, most times, what’s being discussed in the meeting can be communicated through email or whatever messaging platform the company uses.

Secondly, I believe to make meetings dismiss early, the things to be talked about can be documented properly so people can take a look and deliberate in the meeting. It just saves time.

The meetings without time limit are the worse 😖 Also, I don’t like when meeting is continued later because time is up. Sigh. Another is long meetings that require your camera to be on 😫 Like, why can’t we be having the meeting, and I’m able to do other things? It just keeps you there on the spot and if it takes 2 hours, you’re there for 2 hours. Omo.

I believe online meetings should be strictly moderated and if things can be done prior to the meeting to gain understanding and help guide discussions in meetings, they should be done, because it’ll save time and won’t wear one out. It’s a meeting, not webinar or online workshop.

As always, remember to be a light 💫

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