I had a productive, yet chill day today. I wish I had something else to share about life but here’s something I learned in church today.

Here are 5 Cs to prayers

Consistency – your prayers should be consistent. It’s better to pray 10minutes everyday than to pray for an hour a week.

Concentration – prayers require concentration, it needs to be heartfelt. You can’t be praying and have a hundred things on your mind.

Conviction – when praying, you need to pray from a place of conviction. Conviction will help you say words that are consistent with your reality in Christ.

Celebration – with prayers come celebration. This is because of our position in Christ Jesus. Because we know this and because we have victory, we should always celebrate this and give thanks to the Father.

Confidence – for the believer, we have confidence when we pray because we know God hears. When praying, pray like someone confident that the Father hears and has the ability to answer.

That’s it.

Remember to be a light in your space 💫

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