Be comfortable with your unique personality

Everyone has a personality unique to them. It’s what makes you different from another person. If you try to be like someone because you feel their personality is cool or better, you will lose yourself. God is a wise God, and He gave us different personalities. It’s why we all can express things in unique ways.

Being comfortable with your personality isn’t the toxic type where you’re rude, easily irritable, etc, and say that’s your personality. That’s not your personality, especially as a child of God with God’s Spirit. Come off it.

Being comfortable in your personality is also not being complacent or stagnant. You say you’re not usually a people person. I understand it but don’t be okay with it. Learn to be and do better, because, in this life, you need those social skills (I’m on this table lol). If not for intimate connections, in case that doesn’t matter to you, know that you’re leaving money on the table (😂yes, I went there)

Usually, it’s not so easy to balance a thought like this but I hope the Holy Spirit helps you as you read.

In conclusion, we are all different and these different personalities are useful to God. Perhaps there’s a way you’d present a thing that another person can’t. There’s a way you’d handle a situation that someone cannot. If we’re all the same, where’s the diversity? It’ll be boring.

Bubbly, calm, calculated, serious, INFJ, ENTJ, choleric, sanguine, introverted, extroverted, etc. that’s okay, as long as you don’t accept the negative parts of these personalities. You’re a child of God.

I believe personality types give us an understanding of who we are in terms of behavior. You can use it to improve and not necessarily as an identity. Christ is your identity.

Learn to be comfortable with your unique personality. It starts with self-awareness and the Holy Spirit is a great help.

Don’t live an exhausting life trying to model your personality like someone else. You really can’t do it better than they do (note to self).

Again, be comfortable with your unique personality.

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