Day 2 of a lesson each day for 100 days

Brace yourself because this is quite long but stay with me okay?

So, my dad is currently trying to finish a building project and he has someone, Samuel (not real name) that goes to the market to get building materials for him. He lets Samuel oversee because he’s not always around and he has constantly spoken to him about his concerns when it comes to building materials which is the fact that the people selling and the workers in it find a way to cheat, whether it’s by hiking the price or reducing the quantity of what is supposed to be delivered.

Recently, he asked Samuel to take the carpenter to go and buy wood. Yesterday, they brought in the wood and were offloading it from the truck. My dad told them to arrange it all in a way that he would count them later.

The driver and the people offloading the wood were telling him that it’s a waste of time to separate the wood and they tried to convince him. At a point they were almost aggressive as if my dad was wasting their time and my dad told them if they don’t want to do as he says, they should carry their wood and go, he doesn’t want again. So they put it the way he wanted and he settled them.

While they were leaving, my dad called my brother to come and help him count the woods and they found out that he was cheated by 66k.

Apparently, the owner (or seller) of the wood called him while he was counting. He said as soon as the driver and offloaders saw him counting the wood, they started calling him and begging him to cover for them with a a good explanation for why the wood is not complete. Even Samuel called him to beg him because he didn’t know how he will face ‘Oga’ but he told them that there’s nothing he can do about that.

So here’s what they do. If you order 500 woods, they can load 450 and keep 50 for themselves after cutting the wood. You wouldn’t know because the wood is plenty and besides, who actually counts them (my dad of course haha)? So they go and sell of the remaining 50 and share the money.

What’s the lesson here and  why are you telling me this you may ask?

Apart from the fact that I found the whole situation hilarious, it made me think about the character of people.

It’s not a secret but people will surprise you and inasmuch as you are aware of this, the reality just hits you like you had no idea.

First of, Samuel is someone that my dad trusts and who has been running errands for him. My dad has also discussed with him severally how workers tend to cheat people when it comes to building materials however, Samuel still conspired with the offloaders and driver to cheat my dad.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the first time but it goes to show that you can communicate your worries and concerns about something and when it seems like people understand you, they don’t. They really don’t care, you’re simply wasting your time and they can step on you. It all boils down to selfishness and greed.

Secondly, because my dad was bent on counting the woods, the offloaders and driver were trying to make it look like it’s a waste of time, they were trying to discourage him and at a point got aggressive. You would think that my dad was just wasting their time or being stubborn or something (because who counts all those wood?) whereas they were behaving that way because they didn’t want a truth to be uncovered.

Do you ever meet people that just make you feel like you’re doing too much or what you’re trying to do to confirm something is a waste of time and so they discourage you? What about those that get so aggressive and worked up concerning things that are not so much a big deal? Truth might be that they are hiding something.

It’s like those people that tell lies and guilt trip you by making it look like you’re at fault by either telling you you don’t trust them or faking anger when in reality, it’s all a mask to cover up. If you don’t know someone like that, I know.

Whatever your instincts or intuition asks you to do, just do it, you might be unto something. Don’t let someone discourage you or tell you you’re taking it too far or you’re doing too much. Most times, they don’t care about you, it’s mostly about them.

Today, my dad saw both Samuel and the carpenter but he said he wasn’t going to mention any of it to them, let their conscience do the talking. I feel like that’s what I’d have also done and of course, my trust for Samuel will drop too.

What are your thoughts concerning this?

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9 thoughts on “Day 2 of a lesson each day for 100 days

  1. Things like this make you loose trust and it’s not just on the person that disappointed you but on others that you think are likely to do the same or even on everybody else too. I think people should begin to look more into the consequences of their actions because somehow it doesn’t just affect the parties involved but also every other person. Just like how your Dad and you have lost trust in Samuel, same way you are likely to have trust issues in relating with other people like that

    1. Yess!! This is so true. Because of how people have broken the trust you have for them, you can have trust issues when relating with others. Like you said, people should realize that it’s not just about those directly involved but about others too. Thank you for your thoughts 🤗

  2. This hit deep. People have definitely tried to guilt trip or twist things around to make it look like I’m just being crazy. Your dad was more gracious than I’d have been. When money is involved I’m not smiling with nobody.

    1. 😂😂that your last statement off me. And I’ve been in situations where people make it look like you’re crazy. It just messes with your mind. I’m glad you can relate to this. Thank you for your contribution 🤗

  3. Good one there! People will go all the way out to dissuade you but you have to stand your ground!

    1. That is it actually. Stand your ground, especially when you have a strong conviction. Thank you for thoughts😊

  4. I was laughing while reading this like as if I was there while it all happened.. It’s so sad that people like Samuel do exist (they are suppose to exist lol) but it’s even more scary that after you discover a Samuel, you still run to them with needs.. it’s not like you are crazy or something but sometimes, that Samuel is your only option to cater for your needs (till God shows you someone better obviously).. Instincts are amazing and to never be ignored. I’m sha with you in this your 100 days lesson ❤️

    1. You know, now that you mentioned it, truth is Samuel gets the job done and it’s true this might not be the first time he’s doing it but he’s still very much useful so my dad can’t let him go like that especially in a short period of time. But I’m sure my dad will be more careful and Samuel too will relax a bit.

      And yesss!! I’m also excited about this ‘A lesson each day for 100 days’. Thank you😊

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