In search of clarity and stability

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Long time no blogging.

We’re in the second half of the year and a lot has happened so far.

If you follow my blog, you’d realize that the last time I published a blog post was in May. The reason for this is not because I had a lot to do. No.

I had stopped because I was in a state where I was confused about what next. I felt it in me that I’m supposed to be doing something, like a next phase, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I suddenly lost interest in many things, including work and any form of writing (including my blog and email newsletter). For work, I only did the bare minimum to meet up with my client’s needs.

Before you say I probably was depressed, I want to let you know that I wasn’t. I just felt there was something I should be doing.

Now, I have more clarity, thanks to God.

Photo by Will Mu

Why am I telling you this?

I came across an article that was a resource of all things remote work and it made me think of my career. The writer of the article has made a name for herself and it made me think of how I’m almost starting all over again.

I thought to myself, while some people are cruising in their career and finding ways to contribute to their community and grow in visibility, here I was trying to pivot (again) into another type of career which coincidentally, brings me back to healthcare—the healthcare I had left in 2021. Funny right?

I wasn’t feeling bad or comparing myself in a bad way, I simply acknowledged my situation; some people were heading for stability in their careers, and I seemed to be starting all over. It would be nice to be in a good company, be paid really well, focus on contributing to the profession, and perhaps start a side hustle related to my career. Good right?

I read a caption by someone on IG where she mentioned how she had pivoted different times and currently, she has left her 10 years profession to pivot again. She reminded people that it’s the middle of 2023, and it’s totally okay to do so.

Her words resonated with me because this was kinda like me and even though some people may not understand why I’m changing again, people need to know that it’s okay to change. We change and we’re not committed to categories, not even career paths.

You may relate to all I’ve said so far, you may not. If you do, you probably also see your mates or people you started with who are becoming stable in their career and there’s you starting again because you pivoted. I want to encourage you today and let you know that it’s okay. Eventually, you’ll achieve that form of stability where you’re no longer starting over but building a space for yourself in your career. Besides, no knowledge or experience is wasted.

For me, I’m all the more encouraged because I know God is with me and has led me this far. Although I don’t know the specifics of what this new journey is, I am excited about it and the future.

That being said, I hope to continue blogging again. As usual, expect me to write about anything, but be rest assured that you will learn one or more things from any blog post I publish.

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Thank you for reading and if you follow my blog, thank you for sticking around.

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