Learning: controlling my mind and emotions

Learning: controlling my mind and emotions

On Wednesday was my birthday and I was going through lots of emotions (mostly good) and reflected on what I’m currently learning in this season of my life.

They say the strongest people are those in control of their emotions and have the right mindset. I believe that to be true.

Lately, the Holy Spirit has been schooling me on this mindset thing and controlling my emotions (particularly negative emotions).

In this season of my life, I’m dealing with my mindset and emotions.

Concerning mindset

I’m learning to not give up easily.

I’m learning to be persistent.

I’m learning to be consistent and always show up.

I’m learning to be contented and make use of what I have available to start that thing.

I’m learning to view things in a different way (perception).

I’m learning discipline.

I’m learning to embrace difficulties because sometimes they are inevitable and necessary for the journey ahead.

I’m learning it’s not about me alone.

I’m learning never to take things personally.

I’m learning to be open minded, while still keeping my values.

I’m learning to not sulk for so long but think of the next line of action and just do it.

I’m learning to act.

I’m learning that people don’t think too much of me, why can’t I just do things without caring what people will say? Simply put, I’m learning to be regardless of people’s opinions.

I’m learning to live like the world isn’t against me.

I’m learning to be daring.

I’m learning audacity.

I truly believe I can do ALL things, it’s beyond just saying it.

I’m learning to control my emotions

Concerning my emotions

I’m learning to not let people control how I react.

I’m learning to be slow to react.

I’m learning patience.

I’m learning to forgive easily and quickly.

I’m learning to love more and see people as God sees them.

I’m learning to choose joy.

I’m learning to not be easily offended.

I’m learning to be grounded and consistent with my character and values regardless of how I feel.

Again, I’m learning to not take things personally.

I’m learning…

It’s not easy I must tell you. It’s frustrating most times. However, I feel as though it’s necessary to learn these things because somehow, the Holy Spirit has exposed these things in me for them to be corrected.

I am open to being and doing better. I do see changes and I know it will be perfected.

All thanks to my Father who loves me so much to want me to be more like Him.

I am in good hands and that’s how I know it is possible to be in control of how I think and how I feel.

Imago Dei💫

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