The Royal Deviant WhatsApp TV

I have an announcement.

If you know me well, you know that I’m about human behaviour; psychology and how it affects life as a whole. Because of this, I read a lot about behavioral concepts in man and I also am an observer. If you follow my blog, my instagram and even view my personal WhatsApp status, you’d also notice I put out things regarding human behaviour, wellbeing, mental health and life as a whole with regards to all these. I want to take this a little further and I’d love you to join me in this.

I started a WhatsApp TV known as The Royal Deviant TV (TRD TV for short) and it’ll fully launch on Monday, the 27th of July.

– If you’re someone that is naturally interested in human behaviour like I am, this is for you
– If you like to know more about certain behavior we as humans normally exhibit, this is for you
– If you want to be educated about mental health and illnesses, this is for you
– If you are into personal growth with regards to better relationships between people and better understanding of yourself, this is for you
– If you are someone that loves to hear other people’s opinions about certain topics in life that concern behaviour such as anxiety, shame and so on, then this is for you
– If you love to have discussions about real life human behaviour around us and even in the media, this is for you

If you find yourself in any of the above, then you should click on this link and it’ll lead you to the WhatsApp TV or you could send a WhatsApp message to +234 809 194 0384.

Finally, if any of the above isn’t you and someone comes to mind, please share with them.

Thank you 🙏

Just in case you missed the link to the WhatsApp TV, here it is

WhatsApp TV