Work in your optimal capacity!

You know when people say you’re doing well and you seem to have done or are doing a lot but you know deep down you’re not even working in your optimal capacity. Well, I can relate. I believe many people can too.

For instance, with focused work, I could get something done in 3 hours and can do 3-4 of that thing in a day. But someone can see that one thing and say well done, you’ve done enough. Although that’s true and maybe for someone else it’ll take a day or maybe 6 hours, I know for me, it’s way less and I could have done more. I’m just not operating optimally.

I know my capabilities and capacity but sometimes I relax and even in my relaxed state, I’m complimented and praised. If I’m not careful, complacency, procrastination and laziness can set in, and between God and myself, I can do better.

It’s really a struggle.

Then there’s the other side where you see someone doing better than what you could do and you get knocked out of that complacency, procrastination and laziness and do better, because you’re inspired or motivated.

Or am I the only one?

Anyway, if you’re like me, this post you’re reading is a sign to watch it and start operating at the capacity you know you can. Where you are or what you’re doing is good enough generally, but is it really your best?

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